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Canonical’s New Ubuntu Release Cycle?

September 29, 2011


Now we all wished Canonical spent more time developing its operating system rather than having a release every 6 months right? well they pushed it up to every month. (source) Now, in my honest opinion, ubuntu is the most stable Gnome desktop I’ve used  (yes i’ve tried Zorin OS & Linux Mint) despite unity! now, i have […]

Cube 1 Engine on Wii

September 26, 2011


Now this port doesnt run perfectly and doesnt feel like the best game in the world but it was ported over 🙂 Link project page

My Take on Kubuntu11.04

September 20, 2011



September 17, 2011


Get your Portable ID!

Windom XP-SP2 Character Sound pack add on

September 14, 2011


created this a while back. just packaged it.   Its an English Setsuna Sound pack. Read the README file for install instructions. link

Gnome 2.x Flopping Like a Fish out of Water

September 11, 2011


i haven’t been likin Zorin OS recently. Im trying to figure out why my menu bar is disfigured and on top of that the OS loads so slow (longer than windows at times). Zorin OS isnt the distro i’d like to see go mainstream at all. a recent issue i’ve been having a lot of […]

Nintendo – the early bird will fail?

September 8, 2011


Now before we get into things, it seems to be a weird next generation start for Nintendo, With 3DS sales not being very high to the price drop & an analog add on that probably would’ve been integrated on the console in the first place. On to other news, nintendo’s Wii U controllers (according to […]