Canonical’s New Ubuntu Release Cycle?

Posted on September 29, 2011


Now we all wished Canonical spent more time developing its operating system rather than having a release every 6 months right? well they pushed it up to every month. (source) Now, in my honest opinion, ubuntu is the most stable Gnome desktop I’ve used  (yes i’ve tried Zorin OS & Linux Mint) despite unity! now, i have no clue what type of changes are going into Ubuntu but just getting a patch for the apt exploit 2 months late doesn’t sound good to me & one of my desktops were affected by it(no need to worry though). Now i know everyone will throw out the  argument, “Windows doesn’t get patched till years, Linux is on stable bleeding edge software!” i understand that, but were linux users not windows users 🙂 & the update should’ve came sooner. So the question must be asked, will this help / hurt Canonical or even all ubuntu based distros in general?

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