Archos 70b Internet Tablet Review

Posted on March 22, 2012


Archos’s latest internet tablet is 1.2Ghz single core tablet that comes loaded with the Google Play store & runs android 3.2.  You can check out the specs here. This tablet is also Google certified.  The price of the device is $199 & I purchased mine from Bestbuy & received it in 4 days but they also do sell it from amazon too. the Archos 70b better than I expected ( a lot better). now before I review this device I want state why I picked it up before people agree / disagree with me.

  • I wanted a device that i could easily use google+, skype, & Hootsuite from
  • Wanted to stream music from Google Play Music
  • Use the kindle app to read my kindle books & PDFs

I am no tablet gamer! that being said I couldn’t care less if my tablet could run games that well though I did play some that did push the device. If your looking for something to play games on I recommend a Nintendo3DS / a Playstation Vita which both cost less than this but let’s get straight into the pros & cons:


  • Light
  • Kick stand
  • smooth performance
  • has a lot of compatible apps
  • mini hdmi & micro sd card slot


  • Gets warm when multitasking bigger apps ( such as a game & running google music in the background )
  • I’ve had a weird glitch with the auto screen rotate but it’s working fine now.
  • only one front side camera.
  • battery performance is around 3 hours when using it constantly, even less when playing games / on the internet constantly.

Now after looking at the cons again the “Gets warm when multitasking bigger apps ( such as a game & running google music in the background )” can get the boot since we understand it’s a low end device. It just isn’t made to handle applications like that. The games that ran perfectly were angry birds, edge, osmos, & minecraft (surprisingly). those that started to lag were games like frontline commando & shadowgun. There are quite a few action RPG games on here that run very well also.

Final Verdict

The product itself is outstanding & has more features than most tablets in the the $99 to $199 range for Now. Can I recommend this to someone to purchase? yes but when Google’s new ‘nexus tablet‘ is rumored to drop for $149 & maybe running something like the snapdragon processor or better it just seems smarter to wait it out for the holiday season before making a serious purchase. Though a $199 purchase on the Archos 70b isn’t bad right about now 🙂

HD Pictures of the tablet can be found here & a video review is available below.

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