15 Minute Game Design Challenge Intro

Posted on May 1, 2012


To make sure I stay creative ( & at lease start posting on this blog more than once a month) I’m going to start the 15 minute game design challenge. it’s basically going to be a test to see what can i design & see if i can increase my creative talent. This is basically going to be a Concept Doc ( i actually have a ton of these i’ve written). Well it’s time to crank up CodeBlocks again & mess with SFML & C++. anyways here’s what i got on my first try:

What type of game am I making?

Real Time Strategy.

Gameplay- The player is trying to deplete the enemies’ soldier count. The player can gain more tickets by capturing bases. The player  can gain more tickets by capturing bases. The player generates resources via time. The more bases captured gives the player more credits to spend on upgrades.

Setting-  Set in urban middle eastern countries to the abandoned arctics.

Creative- Players can capture control points like oil fields / satellite centers to acquire new material to mine ( or can also unlock new units) or satellites can allow you to spawn your units in that new location.

Harder- your army is controlled / has a specific atribute ( fire, water, electric). weather can effect how these units perform.

Creative- The enemy base can launch missiles and shoot lasers every 90 seconds within a certain radius  of the base. The units can be controlled with the movement keys( W,A,S,D). They can be alternatively assigned. to auto attack certain things ( defend base, attack enemy base, capture, defend, patrol ). There can be random crate drops for the player to pickup. ( some change weather, give a unit of choice, create an oil rig / satellite, extra cash ).

Well this concludes, today’s post. I’ll probably try to do this weekly but I’ll write almost daily though. Books I recommend for getting good at game design is Game Design by Bob Bates: http://www.amazon.com/Game-Design-Bob-Bates/dp/1592004938