15 Minute Game Design Challenge #1

Posted on May 2, 2012


Genre:  Horror game / Visual Novel

High Concept:  player gets trapped inside in haunted hotel. The player must find the demon haunting the inside of the hotel to exit.

Gameplay: the player must find clues to travel from room to room. ghost will appear & the player must assist the ghosts to go forward in the game. the player will collect keys every time they complete an event in the game ( so they can move on in the game).

Setting: the player will be in the hotel for awhile.

Puzzles: puzzles include answering riddles or entering the correct room to continue on.

Gameplay: the player will have to break locks to continue. ghost may request the player to perform a specific task ( like solving a murder in the hotel / finding them an item like a lost watch or doll)

Twist:  The player is going on this journey through this hotel to answer a question about himself ( don’t ask me what it is yet lol ). The people aren’t really dead. their bodies have been transformed into some supernatural ( thing a ma bob ) form that allowed them to survive so long in the hotel.

Creative: the player gets a companion to help him along his journey.

Harder: The player has certain amount of tries before he dies of losses the game ( it could be starvation / a trap room ).

Creative: You can get a device that transports you to different places in the building.