Getting Started With SFML & QT for Game Development

Posted on September 29, 2012


Well, my accomplishment of the day:
finally found something that works for me. tho this would mean using SFML instead of SDL but then again i’ve been  working on basically a set of functions to make SDL look like SFML. .. Rumor has it that both will be updating to 2.0 this year ( which will apparently make drastic changes to both but then again so did Allegro when they bumped up to version 5). Didn’t use allegro because it was just a pain in the ass to compile it at times & the linking errors I got made no sense but i’ll take a look at it later on. I chose SFML for how flexible & Easy it is. Supports mostly the main GUI’s except GTK. I’m also really liking QT Creator!  I can see why many choose QT when it comes to their game tools ( Adventures in Game Development Chapter 20 ) Probably going to add  QScintilla in the future so I can edit game scripts & map properties inside it also… so, stay tuned 🙂
Desktop Screenshot

Setting up SFML & QT in QT Creator on linux

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