15 Minute Game Design

Posted on October 6, 2012


I honestly should be doing these more often… I’ve been actually been asked about my designs & why havent I made them games. I  honestly wanted to move & get settled first before I took on a project but on to the design doc( a bit shorter since I havent been doing these too often)…

What type of game?


Gameplay – You play as a villian out looking for revenge.

Setting- you invade a wealthy nation to defeat the king ( the one who murdered your family & burned down your nation)

Creative Element- The goal of the game is to destroy the buildings in the level.

What makes the game harder?

Guards will try to stop you.

Creative Element- Since you probably wont stand a chance you need powers / advantages.  Items you gain can be used to craft new abilities & items from items gotten from the enemies.

Wont lie, this weeks’ was pretty half assed. mainly due to the fact that I was distracted & was babysitting. I’ll probably try to keep this a weekly series but do 3 of them & just upload the best one.My laptop