15 Minute Game Design Challenge #1

May 2, 2012


Genre:  Horror game / Visual Novel High Concept:  player gets trapped inside in haunted hotel. The player must find the demon haunting the inside of the hotel to exit. Gameplay: the player must find clues to travel from room to room. ghost will appear & the player must assist the ghosts to go forward in […]

15 Minute Game Design Challenge Intro

May 1, 2012


To make sure I stay creative ( & at lease start posting on this blog more than once a month) I’m going to start the 15 minute game design challenge. it’s basically going to be a test to see what can i design & see if i can increase my creative talent. This is basically […]


Archos 70b Internet Tablet Review

March 22, 2012


Archos’s latest internet tablet is 1.2Ghz single core tablet that comes loaded with the Google Play store & runs android 3.2.  You can check out the specs here. This tablet is also Google certified.  The price of the device is $199 & I purchased mine from Bestbuy & received it in 4 days but they also do sell it […]

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Bright Future for the Tegra Series

February 25, 2012


I’ve been glancing at the tegra3 chip used in ASUS’s  Transformer Prime   pondering weather or not to get one. It looks like a wonderful device. The only issue is that when I see Smartphones like the LG optimus 4x are going to be released later on & the next generation of tegra chip will see […]

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February | What’s been going on?

February 5, 2012


I dont even know where to start. recently I have registered with Dreamspark since my school is partnered with Microsoft (now if my school could get  a deal with redhat / canonical  going on…) & now have the ability to run my C# & XNA Projects on a Xbox360. I’m going to review Netrunner OS […]

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Linux Mint 12 Overview

January 28, 2012


I had this article I scratched on my Google Docs account. thought i’d just upload it since i spent time  writing it : here

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Recover From a Linux System freeze

December 22, 2011


i was looking through the linux mint forums and i found this nice article. really comes in handy while using linux mint 12: here

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